6 Menus for Mostly Paleo Dinner Parties Your Non-Paleo Guests Will Love

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So, have I mentioned I like dinner parties?  I think I might have, here and here.  The candlelight, the conversation, the food – it’s just good living epitomized to me.

I serve mostly paleo meals, even when I have non-paleo guests at the table.  My primary motivation is so I can enjoy the leftovers.  But also because I use the occasion to counteract some folk’s concern that the paleo diet is too restrictive.  There’s a lot of delicious eating when you combine unlimited varieties of meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and fat!

Below are six paleo menus that will delight the crowd at a dinner party. I’ve included links to specific recipes where I think it might be helpful and didn’t where they seemed like overkill.

I once read a guideline that suggested that a hostess should not make anything for guests that she has not tested in advance.   I see the wisdom in that – what if your dinner is dependent on a chicken curry that turn out to be chicken crappy?

However, I usually ignore that rule and pretty much use company as an excuse to try some new recipes.   It’s like a big surprise for all of us, including me!  That makes it even more fun.

For each meal, I suggest a paleo dessert.  However, in my opinion, as a girl with extensive dessert experience and an enduring passion for chocolate, I must say — paleo desserts are going to be a bit of a tip off that something’s up at the dinner table.  While they are delicious and sweet and taste amazing, paleo cookies may stick out to a guest who is used to eating traditional brownies after a meal.  Your best bet may be to buy a bar of really good dark chocolate and indulge a little.  Or buy brownie and indulge a lot.

I’ve made most of these dishes with great success.   Go ahead and try them out on your guests at your next dinner party!   If you can tolerate dairy, I recommend using it where indicated.  It’s always a crowd pleaser.

Do you have any other dishes you would recommend?  Share in the comments below and we’ll have even more options.


Summer Evening by Candlelight

Starter: Gazpacho

Pan seared halibut with ginger mango salsa and cilantro sauce

Asparagus drizzled with olive oil

Spinach and strawberry salad

Dessert:   Paleo peach cobbler


The All-American

Starter: Assorted raw veggies with tahini sauce for dip

Spicy buffalo chicken

Oven-baked sweet potato fries

Bacon, grape and broccoli salad

Dessert:  Paleo chocolate chip cookies


The Men’s Club

Starter:  Bacon wrapped dates

 Grilled steak

Roasted beets with pistachio butter

Spinach salad

Dessert:  Triple chocolate chipotle cake truffles


Mid-Summer BBQ

Appetizer:  Plantain delight bites

Grilled kabobs (Toss chicken with salt, pepper and cumin.  Skewer chicken, onions, peppers, tomatoes and pineapple.  Grill until done.)

Southwestern cumin lime dressing (for dipping sauce)

So delicious kale salad

Dessert:  Berries topped with coconut milk


Classic Fall

 Appetizer: Butternut squash soup with parmesan and fried sage leaves

Bacon and apple stuffed pork chops

Roasted cauliflower florets

Sautéed kale with dried cranberries

Dessert:    Pumpkin cinnamon cheesecake


And my personal favorite, sort of lacks a real theme but is a crowd pleaser every time — Greek and Brownies

Appetizer:  Spiced nuts

Meal:  Greek lamb salad

Lamb chops

Dessert:   Sweet potato brownies

19 thoughts on “6 Menus for Mostly Paleo Dinner Parties Your Non-Paleo Guests Will Love

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  2. Thank you for sharing this creative and enticing paleo recipes. Indeed you have proven that living a paleo diet is not that restrictive when it comes to food preparation. I’d like the idea of serving paleo foods, without worrying that my non-paleo guests won’t like them. Love your recipes for desserts, yes we can enjoy and give in to our sweet cravings without feeling guilty that it’s non paleo, for it is paleo. I love your site, will certainly be coming back for more.

  3. This is so helpful! I’m still learning how to ‘blend’ recipes into a cohesive menu. There are so many good paleo recipes but they don’t always make sense together.
    I’m having some friends over tonight and it’s rainy and so your classic fall menu will be perfect! Thanks so much!!

  4. Thanks for the great menus! I have got tons of Paleo cookbooks, web-sites, etcetera., and the main missing ingredient is trying to put menus together! This is a big help, and please keep them coming!

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