“Things that are awesome” Wednesday: Brussels Sprouts

This post is part of a regular feature I have creatively titled, “Things that are awesome” Wednesday.

In this weekly post, I am going to share something that struck me as awesome during the past week.  It may be a great recipe, a cool event, a favorite blog, a special moment or whatever else scores a 10 on the awesome-meter.

And if you have something awesome to share, I’d love to hear about it!  Post to comments or e-mail me and let me know.

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photo credit: shutterbean via photopin cc

I’m having a love affair with Brussels sprouts this week.

Seriously, when I reflect back over the past seven days, the thing I have gotten the most worked up about is declaring my love for Brussels sprouts.  They are not the best or most important thing in my life, but I am super excited about them this week.  I declare them to be awesome.

photo credit: Auntie P via photopin cc

Shredded, chopped or whole.  Microwaved with a bit of water, sautéed or broiled (although, please, never boiled.)  For breakfast lunch or dinner  — and all three meals on a few days.  They are tasty topped with bacon – but honestly even more delicious without.   What other food can you say that about?

Brussels sprouts suffer a great injustice when they are frozen and then thawed. There was a time, a few decades ago, when this is how they were served.   A whole generation of children were scarred by soggy Brussels sprouts.  The lost Brussels Sprout generation.

I rescued one from that generation.  My friend L.B., who I have mentioned before loves all vegetables, told me a few years ago that she did not like Brussels sprouts.   I protested.  Impossible.  She must try them again, cooked well.  She did and now she loves them too.

The flavor is rich and satisfying.  They gift us with vitamin C in every bite.

These cute mini cabbages are part of the Brassica genus – which means they belong to the same gang s other veggie powerhouses, like broccoli and cauliflower. Rumor has it that the modern Brussels sprouts were first cultivated in – you guessed it – Brussels.  It is great fortune that they made it across the ocean to the United States.  Because they are delicious.

I am pleased to give them a shout out as this week’s awesome thing.

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