Lemongrass Pork Short Ribs

Lemongrass Pork Short RibsFor someone who lives modestly, I have spent an inordinate amount of time debating the following question:  If you could have one type of hired help, which option would you choose?

  1. Personal chef
  2. Live in maid
  3. Chauffeur
  4. On call massage therapist

Over the years, I’ve analyzed the pros and cons of each type of help with my friends.  We all fantasize for a moment about how awesome it would be to have a personal masseuse but then we get more practical.  After all, it’s important to keep a firm grip on reality when answering totally hypothetical questions…

I’ve always opted for the chauffeur. I’m not a huge fan of driving.  It’s boring and a waste of time.  Plus, I’m often tired and driving makes me more tired, which is unfortunate.  And I get impatient in parking lots.  I’d much rather be dropped off at the door than inch around a parking lot looking for a spot to leave the car.  Overall, I’m much happier and healthier in the passenger’s seat.  I’d also be OK in the back seat if my chauffeur wanted to drive a limo.

I’m usually the only one who picks a driver.  The most popular choice of imaginary hired help is a personal chef.  The reasoning goes that if you had a chef who cooked meals for you, you’d never find yourself at lunch with some uncooked cabbage and a plain pork  chop, like I did today.  Or decide to order sushi because you don’t feel like cooking, which I would like to do tonight.

Instead, you would have three healthy, flavorful meals presented to you daily.  These could be perfectly paleo.  You’d hit all your nutrition goals without having to spend a moment in the kitchen.

But if a personal chef isn’t in your future, here’s the next best thing:  A slow cooker.  Oh, the slow cooker!  You toss in a bunch of ingredients – and 6-8 hours later, you come home (or wake up) to a delicious meal.  The slow cooker does all the work while you are gone.  It’s like a personal chef of sorts.  For example, follow the recipe below and you will come home to a pot of the most fragrant, soft Lemongrass Short Ribs.

The added benefit is that since you actually made the meal yourself, maybe you can select the massage therapist next time it’s an option.

Lemongrass Pork Short Ribs

Onion, 1

Lemongrass, 5-inch stalk

Thai peppers, 2-3

Garlic, 3 cloves

Fresh ginger, 1½ inch piece

Cilantro, 1/2 cup, coarsely chopped

Red cabbage, 1 ½ cups (about ¼ head)

Coconut milk, 1 14-oz can

Lime juice, from 1 lime ( or a little less)

Pork short ribs, 1 ½ pounds

  1. Chop onion and then dice the lemongrass stalk, Thai peppers, ginger and garlic.
  2. Add all ingredients to slow cooker.  Stir around until ingredients are mixed and meat is somewhat submerged.
  3. Cook for 6-8 hours over low heat.
  4. When done, remove all bones and shred the meat.

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