Wide Open Wednesday: Links Worth Clicking On

Welcome to Wide Open Wednesday!  This – and every – Wednesday, I will write about something that is interesting to me outside the kitchen. I may share an article, a quote, a question, an experience, a highlight, a low moment or whatever else inspires me to put fingers-to-keyboard. It’s pretty much wide open.

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There are few things in life that make me feel more content than a fridge full of good, organic veggies and locally raised meat. It gives me a great sense of abundance and gratitude.

Somewhere further down the list of things that make me happy – but still definitely in the top 100  – is a good list of links. According to this catchy infographic, more than 2 million new blog posts are published each day. When someone takes the time to pull together a list of some of the good stuff, I really appreciate it!

Today I thought I would do my share to highlight some of a good stuff online. Here are a few things that I have enjoyed lately.

* * *

  • If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that while I eat paleo 90% percent of the time, I am pretty liberal with my paleo eating when I am traveling. I will always skip the pasta, but I may decide to eat bread and I will definitely eat the ice cream. Since I don’t have any obvious food intolerance, this approach works well for me.

That’s why I found it so interesting to read this post from Eileen at Phoenix Helix about why she doesn’t – and can’t – take a “vacation approach” to Paleo. I really appreciated reading her point of view on the popular 80/20 rule in I Wish I Could Be Primal. (And on a side note, while you are on her site, don’t miss her thoughtful, well-researched post on chocolate.)

  • My friend Sarah is a lover of well-crafted words (and an excellent writer herself!) The other day she shared this delightful poem by Joyce Sidman: Dog in Bed. My favorite line? “If I accidentally bump you from sleep, you shift, groan, drape your chin on my hip. O, that languid, movie-star drape!”  If you have a dog, you know that drape.
  • When I read this guest post, Every Choice Counts, on Tony Gentilcore‘s blog, I wanted to high-five the author. “Yes! This! Totally!”  I find this to be spectacularly rational advice about making smart eating choices.
  • A few months ago, I signed up for The Skimm. Now I get a highly amusing and factually correct synopsis of the biggest headlines in my inbox each morning. Here’s the link to today’s post. It may not be the Wall Street Journal (which I was not reading anyhow) but it’s much better than Yahoo news (which I was using as my defacto news source.)  If you are averse to snarkiness, this may not be a good fit; I dig it.
  • Matt turned me on to Barbell Shrugged, a podcast about CrossFit, strength and conditioning. These bros interview the biggest names in CrossFit (Rich Froning and Julie Foucher, to name a few.) What I like most about the show is how much the hosts seem to be enjoying themselves. The interviews ramble and cross over to the ridiculous sometimes but I can’t turn it off. It’s just fun to watch these guys just live the dream — hanging out with your buddies, meeting your heroes and shooting off about lifting and CrossFit.  .
  • Here’s about the best idea I heard all week: Walnut pork butter.  I can instantly think of at least a dozen food that would be more delicious topped with this four ingredient spread.

How about you?  What’s your feeling on lists of links? What did you most enjoy online lately?

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