Wide Open Wednesday: Paleo Peeps in Colorado

Welcome to Wide Open Wednesday!  This – and every – Wednesday, I will write about something that is interesting to me outside the kitchen. I may share an article, a quote, a question, an experience, a highlight, a low moment or whatever else inspires me to put fingers-to-keyboard. It’s pretty much wide open.

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Paleo Peeps in CO

Question: If each state had a picnic and all the paleo bloggers and business people in that state were invited, which state do you think would have the biggest gathering?

I’m not totally sure of the answer but I suspect it would be Colorado.  I mean, seriously, there are a huge number of folks who write about or work in paleo that live in my state.

I like to think Colorado is a hot spot of paleo culture. Much the way New York is known for fashion and finance, Washington DC is synonymous with government, Nashville is the heart of country music and Los Angeles is famous for its famous people, the greater Denver area could be the capital of the paleo peeps.

True, there are other big names in paleo who live other states – but you’ll be amazed at the number of people who live in or near the Mile High City who have blogs or business related to grain-free, dairy-free eating. Plus, Dr. Loren Cordain, the grandfather of the paleo diet movement, studies and lives in Colorado. Can you beat that? Boom!

I thought it would be fun to list the passionate paleo folks who call Colorado home. Most of these people I know of only through social media and have not met personally. If there was an actual paleo picnic, I didn’t get invited.

There’s a 100 percent chance that I am omitting someone awesome from this very informal list.  If you read this and know someone else who should be on it, please send me an e-mail or leave a note in comments and I will add them to the list. Then if someone ever decides to organize the best paleo picnic in the nation, we can use this as the guest list.

Nourished This is the blog my blog wants to be when it grows up – such lovely photos and elegant recipes. It is written by a mom with a full time job who,in her spare time, created the Nourished app, which is an app that offers grain-free, paleo-style recipes from top paleo bloggers.

PaleOMG  By far, one of the most amusing paleo bloggers in any state. She’s got great recipes and really likes The Mindy Project, which has nothing to do with paleo but is in fact one of the funniest shows on TV, so I trust her.

mmm…coffee This Paleolithic coffee shop in the Santa Fe Arts District is a gem.  Every time I have gone there, I wonder why I don’t go more! The soups, the salads, the paleo treats and the, of course, the coffee. And you won’t meet nicer or more enthusiastically paleo folks than the team at the shop.

Paleo Girl in the City A satisfying combination of tasty recipes and thought-provoking posts by this mid-twenties CrossFit coach in Denver.  It’s always a treat to read what she has to say.

Elana’s Pantry If you ever went on line or to the bookstore to look for gluten-free baking ideas, you’re already probably familiar with Elana’s work.  She published her first cookbook in 2009 and her most recent one earlier this year. I like to imagine that one day I will run into her at a Boulder-area Whole Foods and she will give me cookies.

Superhero Unleashed  This blog and personal training site is run by Emily Schromm, a MTV Real World star who lives and trains in Denver. Emiliy is a legit CrossFitter, who has competed in a number of competitions.  She’s got a whole lot of celebrity and is definitely spreading the paleo lifestyle to a new crowd.

Caveman Cafeteria Will White and his team of paleo wonder-cooks started serving paleo eats through their catering business and food truck service.  Earlier this year, they retired the truck, opened a food stand of Denver’s 16th Street Mall and started up paleo food prepared meal delivery service that is getting rave reviews.

Cappello’s  This Colorado-based company offers grain-free pasta that quite a few paleo bloggers cannot get enough of and is served in dozens of really good restaurants around the state. I’ve never had it — but folks who have swear it’s a gluten-free miracle.

Paleo Plan Part of the Paleo Plan team lives in beautiful Boulder, CO, so I’m counting that as local. Neely and her co-bloggers offer an assortment of resources to “make eating and living Paleo as easy and affordable as possible for you.”  This includes meal plans, exercise ideas and more.

Petit Fi This uber-fit Colorado chick describes herself as “Just your not so average girl on a never ending quest for knowledge. Health enthusiast, slightly crazed, never satisfied.” I would describe her as pretty damn inspiring.

GoodBody Baked Goods This company makes baked goods without gluten, grains or dairy. These are quite a hit in the paleo community in Boulder – and hopefully near you one day soon.

Noble Savage Here’s a relatively new service that prepares paleo-Zone (and delicious, from what I have heard)  meals and makes them available at your CrossFit gym. Yes, we are pretty lucky in Colorado.

Modern Paleo Diana Hsieh founded this site which focuses on “writings and other resources by Objectivists on the principles and practices of nutrition, fitness, and health most conducive to human flourishing.” Among the many paleo community-oriented services Modern Paleo provides are pulling together an online community of PaleoBloggers and posting a Paleo Rodeo, a weekly look at the latest posts of paleo bloggers.

Here are a few more paleo folks I didn’t know about before but found as I was writing this post and plan to keep on following!

Me Like Paleo This paleo blogger shares a wide assortment of paleo recipes and put together a resource for eating out paleo in her hometown of Colorado Springs, CO, which I totally could have used when we were driving through there last month.

The Ascent Blog A sunny blog written by a local Denver blogger, CrossFit lover and paleo eater who is on a quest to snatch 100 pounds, which is also a goal of mine.

PaleoFlip A Boulder-based blogger who has been sharing recipes and a 5-week paleo transition plan.  I was particularly excited to see that her blog shows she will be opening a paleo restaurant in March 2014, that will serve food that is made without gluten, grain, dairy, sugar and canola oil.

Aspen Paleo Wanna glimpse into the life and thoughts of a primal blogger living at 8,000 feet?  Then check out Aaron’s blog, where he posts about living paleo/primal lifestyle — and other goings on — in the beautiful Colorado High Country.

Paleo Connections This Colorado blogger posts about managing her food allergies and her weight with paleo foods. She’s shares the ups and downs of her paleo and exercise adventures in a honest and highly relatable way.

Balancing Paleo A relative blogging newcomer (as of this post) but a blogger I intend to follow. She’s got some good recipes, a lovely approach to living a balanced paleo life and one of the most charming About pages I have come across.

RA Paleo Denver area blogger Lori writes about managing her rheumatoid arthritis through paleo.  She and her husband have created an amazing online resource for women with autoimmune diseases to share and connect.

Your turn! Who I am missing? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

22 thoughts on “Wide Open Wednesday: Paleo Peeps in Colorado

  1. Okay, so as a resident of CO that loves many of these, I’m thinking you SHOULD (sorry to should on you) organize a Paleo Picnic! I’m SO there! I think it could be awesome!!

  2. Hi MC!
    It’s awesome that you did this! Thanks so much for including mmm…COFFEE!, and for the great reviews thereof. Let me know about the details of the picnic- I’ll bring the “Creamy” Chicken Tomato soup! ;-)

  3. Okay really…I’m thinking locations in my head…I think we should figure out what it would take to plan it for late Spring/early Summer and do it! What a great way to network and try some awesome food!!

  4. I’m Diana Hsieh (of Modern Paleo and The Paleo Rodeo)… and I live south of Denver, in Sedalia. Monica Hughes, who has been blogging more for us lately, also lives in the foothills west of Denver. HOORAY FOR COLORADO!

    • Wow –I had no idea that you were based in CO too! I read the Paleo Rodeo almost every week. How neat!

      I will add Modern Paleo to the list above for sure. Thanks for taking the time to let me know!

  5. I live on the Western Slope and am feeling left out :( Aspen paleo is leaving right when I find the blog. Guess I may have to start my own! Thanks for the resources though, I appreciate it!

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