Wide Open Wednesday: Eight Things I’m Really into Right Now

Welcome to Wide Open Wednesday!  This – and every – Wednesday, I will write about something that is interesting to me outside the kitchen. I may share an article, a quote, a question, an experience, a highlight, a low moment or whatever else inspires me to put fingers-to-keyboard. It’s pretty much wide open.

* * *


You know how when you are into something and you want to share it with as many people as possible so you can talk about how awesome it is?

Like last week, when I got a great deal on a fabulous plaid jacket and I discussed it with everyone in the office. Or like when I started watching Scandal and began to ask all of my friends their opinions on Olivia Pope. Or like anytime I see someone who seems like they ever exercised (or thought about exercising or knows someone who exercises) and I poke around to see if they want to talk about CrossFit.

If you hang out with me in person, you are totally nodding your head right now.

Anyhow, in that spirit, I wanted to share a few of the things I am loving lately. I’m hoping you are into a few of them too. Let me know and we can totally chat about their fantastic-ness.

* * *

Couldn't be more excited!

Well Fed 2  I wrote in THIS post about the admiration I have for Melissa of The Clothes Make the Girl.com and her marvelous cookbook, Well Fed. This week, in what may be one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in my blogging life, I received a copy of Well Fed 2 in the mail, along with a note asking if I wanted to review the book and write about it on this blog. Yes, I did e-mail Melissa and beg to be able to do this but it is still a tremendous thrill to check out the highly anticipated follow up to her first cookbook. I am literally reading it cover to cover and am beyond excited to share my review next week after I have a chance to make one — or 95 — of the recipes in the book.

* * *

Not my sheets, but cozy looking! photo credit: wintersoul1 via photopin cc

Flannel sheets, These aren’t mine but they look cozy! photo credit: wintersoul1 via photopin cc

Flannel sheets It’s getting cold at night now. For reasons that are not clear to me, it’s especially chilly in our bedroom – at least 10 degrees colder than the living room. Getting into our cold bed was no fun so last week, I pulled out the flannel sheets and now we are cozy as can be. Every single night when I get in bed, I sing, “I LOVE my flannel sheets!”

* * *

Tahini Greens, my fave

Tahini Greens, my fave

Tahini I have a recurring love affair with tahini, the luscious sesame seed paste than makes any meal taste amazing. This delicious condiment and I are in a very passionate phase of our relationship at the moment. I put tahini on my meal at least once a day. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. HERE is my favorite recipe.

* * *


Audio books Audiobooks have rocked my world. I download them from the Denver Public Library onto my computer and listen while I commute to and from work. This has opened new worlds for me. Before audiobooks, I struggled to finish a book in two months. Now I’m half way through my third book in six weeks. That’s two whole books’ worth of life experiences that I have had in time I would have previously spent catching up on top 40 hits.

* * *

I've got a growing affection for pumpkins as lawn art

Halloween decorations, I’ve got a growing affection for pumpkins as lawn art

Halloween decorations Our neighbors are doing some crazy stuff with the Halloween yard art! One neighbor placed an inflatable 6-foot long spider on his lawn. The giant arachnid glows and bobs its head up and down. I have seriously never seen anything like it. Another family hung dozens of plastic pumpkins from a big tree in front of their house, making the sometimes grizzly holiday seem pretty cute. Every day, I’m charmed by the energy people put into decorating their outside space.

* * *

This girl loves her leggings.  photo credit: lizbadley via photopin cc

Long sweaters are making this girl really happy too! photo credit: lizbadley via photopin cc

Long sweaters  Like pretty much every woman I know, I have a heck of a time finding pants that fit well. The issue for me is always in the hip/waist area – that ratio is way off.  So I’m spectacularly pleased that long sweaters are in style again! I can throw a long sweater over the worst fitting pants and no one can really tell they are too tight across the hips and gaping with 4 inches in the waist. This makes getting dressed so much easier!

* * *

Sparkling water with lime_ Awesome

Sparkling water, so enjoyable!

Sparkling water  I’ve covered this in an earlier post but it it’s worth repeating – sparkling water is awesome.  It’s a delightful alternative to an alcoholic beverage or an afternoon, “I’m bored so I want to eat something” snack.

* * *

Snatch Sunday

Snatch Sunday, Practicing away

Snatch Sunday I could write a whole post on my practice and failures with the snatch, the Olympic lift that requires you to pull the barbell as high as you can off the ground, squat underneath it and catch the barbell with your arms extended overhead. Frustrated by my lack of progress, I had stopped putting any effort getting better at this lift. Then a few months ago, I began to practice a bit more. Not at all amazingly, I got a little better. So a few weeks ago, I decided to practice this lift as part of my workout every Sunday – and Snatch Sunday was born. I’m digging the dedicated practice time, the tiny improvements I have made and the chance to say Snatch Sunday. I love alliteration.

* * *

Your turn! What are you into these days? I’d love to hear!

10 thoughts on “Wide Open Wednesday: Eight Things I’m Really into Right Now

  1. Just signed up to your blog…im hooked…question though if you wear flannel jammies on flannel sheets how do you roll over? : )Thanks for the info Open Wed potluck

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