5 Sites that Give Good Links

When people ask me about CrossFit, I give a simple explanation and then tell them I’d be happy to answer any other questions they might have.  “If there’s one thing Crossfitters like more than doing CrossFit, it’s talking about CrossFit,” I assure them.

A similar thing could be said about many of us who eat paleo – “If there’s anything that I enjoy more than eating a good paleo meal, it’s reading about paleo meals.”

It’s true!  How fun is it to pop into a new blog?  You can get ideas for recipes, be entertained, be educated or just explore a new point of view.

It’s also the perfect way to procrastinate.  A friend I know does that…

With it being Friday, I thought it was a good day to share five of my favorite sources for links to good paleo and CrossFit reading.  I’ve been known to read a paleo blog or two (or two thousand) in my day and have spent more time than I care to calculate reading about CrossFit.  I have a few favorite blogs I visit every day – and then pop into these five sites regularly to discover new ideas.

I wanted to share these with you in case you wanted to waste time on Friday afternoon educate yourself more on paleo and/or CrossFit.  If you have other sites that give good links, be sure to leave them below in comments.

1) Mark’s Daily Apple: Each Saturday, primal king Mark Sisson, shares some Weekend Link Love  at MarksDailyApply.com.  He offers an assortment of links that caught the interest of himself or his “worker bees” during the week.  The links are presented with just enough mystery to make you want to click through to read all of them.

2) CrossFit NYC:  When I first discovered this site three years ago, I thought I had struck link gold.  I couldn’t log on each fast enough each morning to see what CrossFit NYC trainer Allison Bojarski had chosen to link to that day.  I never knew what I would see when I clicked – paleo recipes, New York Times health articles, lifting tips, recaps of the New York marathon or a blog written by a vegetarian Crossfitter.  I also really appreciate that CrossFit NYC occasionally links to well-written article from thoughtful people who seem to argue against CrossFit and paleo.  It challenges my thinking and keeps me from thinking that there is only one right way to health.  Monday through Friday, scroll down past the WOD to get to the goodness.

3) Derby City CrossFit:  This gym in Louisville, Kentucky, compiles a mini-reader of links seven days a week, making it a great place to pick up some paleo reading Sunday mornings when the rest of the blogosphere is off duty.  Much like CrossFit NYC, the links cover a variety of paleo nutrition and strength/fitness and links.  To get to the links from the main site, click on WODs, then Derby City CrossFit.  You won’t regret it.

4) Tony Gentilcore:  This Boston-based strength and conditioning coach writes a darn amusing blog of his own, frequently including laugh-out-loud funny lines, like “One week we’re told that eggs are the most nutritious food known to man, and ten minutes later, a new story comes out detailing how eating an egg will spurn the Mayan Apocalypse.” He links to just a few quality articles each week and explains why he thinks each one is worthwhile.  Plus, he has best name by far for his regular link feature, “Things to Read While You’re Pretending to Work.”

5) Modern Paleo :  Each Friday, Modern Paleo puts on “The Paleo Rodeo”.   Paleo bloggers are invited to submit their most interesting post of the week for inclusion in this extensive round up of paleo reading.  There’s more in any one rodeo than even the most dedicated paleo-lover can get through while still maintaining full-time employment – but it’s just about the best place to learn about discover new blogs and learn what’s going on in paleo-land this week.

Fun, no?!  There’s so much interesting reading to do.  I hope that you find a new blog that you love or post that inspires you from one of these sources.  I know I have.

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