Athlete’s Stew

It’s hard to put up a first post.  It seems so significant. I can sometimes over-think things, so I am going to channel my sister, Anne Marie.  She has this ability to make a decision and go with it.   It may take me two months to decide what color my next duvet cover should be.  … Read more

Summer Smoothie

I don’t generally like smoothies.  They are tasty, but leave me sugar-crashing 45 minutes later.  When my mom asked me for a smoothie recipe last week, I had no tips.  “Try a bunch of stuff.  See what you like best,” was my helpful suggestion. Then a few days ago, on another hot, hot day here … Read more

Lamb Meatballs over Creamed Spinach

I am a little reluctant to blog about work.  Most of us have jobs and most of them aren’t that interesting. The exception is my husband, Matt.   He’s a nurse and a great story teller.  He always dazzles with his work tales. Anyhow, what I wanted to communicate was that I have a job.  My … Read more

Tangy Mushrooms

This simple, flavorful dish has helped me out many times. It has added tang to an otherwise dull meal and elevated leftover sausage to a divine afternoon snack.  I’ve served it at dinner parties, when I wanted to keep it paleo but didn’t want to scare my guests with too many obvious vegetable dishes.  (I’ve … Read more

Chicken with Arugula Pesto

My cousin Claire is a wonderful cook. The most perfect lamb chop I have even eaten was at her table one Easter.  The last time we made brunch, she brought over homemade lavender-dusted scones. She is precise and careful and thinks nothing of trying a recipe from Julia Childs’ Mastering the Art of French Cooking. … Read more

Sardines in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Matt and I went to Costco this weekend.  Going there gives me a little anxiety.  There’s just SO MUCH! Of everything!   My small Whole Foods store in Capitol Hill is more my speed.  But to save money on paleo household staples, we took ourselves to Costco. To be successful at this mega-store, I have to … Read more

Green Bean Fries

If were to write a cookbook, I would title it, “Toss with Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper. Bake.”  It would be an instant classic, noted for its simplicity and genius. Honestly,  if that’s all a girl ever did to her food, she would be living like a queen.  There is no vegetable that doesn’t taste … Read more

Blueberry Banana Bread

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I was out of town this weekend at the Wine and Spirits Festival in Beaver Creek.  I was picking Paleo-esque options where available, but I wasn’t doing any cooking at all. Luckily, my sister Lauren was!  As soon as I started this blog, I … Read more

Fajitas for the Family

I just got back from a trip home to New Jersey where I spent a day with my parents, my sister Anne Marie and her kids.  I don’t see them often but when I do, it’s a special time.  Like many families, the centerpiece of the get-together is a family meal.  We all agree it’s … Read more

Salmon Blueberry Wraps

Some days, I have time to lovingly craft a meal.  Hours to marinate the roast or de-pit a bushel of cherries. Other days, the dog needs to get out, the bills are due and I’ve gotta get to the gym or I may totally forget how to deadlift. Luckily, if I have a stocked kitchen, … Read more

Paleo Peach Cobbler

My friend, Lia, invited me to a dinner party she was having Saturday.  Yay!  I love dinner parties.  I always appreciate when someone takes the time out of their busy life to host a soiree.  It’s so indulgent and lovely and l feel like I am in a movie every time. It was a perfect … Read more

So Delicious Kale Salad, Paleo-ized

If you have never over-eaten on kale, reaching for just one more forkful even though you are actually really full, then you have never had So Delicious Kale Salad.  OK, that wasn’t the original name for this recipe – but that’s what I call it now that I have made a few small revisions to … Read more