Cubed Rutabaga Trio

Don’t be misled.   This recipe looks like it has a lot of ingredients.  When I see a list this long, I often just move along. But stick around!   You don’t want to miss this simple dish.  Five of the ingredients are spices — and you probably have most of them.  If you are missing one, … Read more

Creamy Tomato Soup

The radiator in our living room is broken. There have been some very fortunate and unfortunate elements about this situation. Unfortunately, when it stopped working last Sunday, it gushed water onto our hardwood floors. It was like someone turned on a water faucet. Fortunately, Matt was home and heard the gushing. He was able to … Read more

Roasted Fennel and Fig Salad

So twice this week, I’ve found myself walking around the city with earphones on.  The earbuds are hooked up to my phone, but there’s no music or sound coming out.  I’m literally just wearing them, like jewelry or something. This started because I just realized I can watch videos on my phone.   So I put … Read more

Chicken, Orange and Cabbage Salad

I made the executive decision that Matt, Tour and I should stay in a hotel Saturday night. Our condo went on the market this week, which meant that we had several showings Saturday. Matt was working, leaving me to get Tour out of the house for most of the day. This would have been challenging … Read more

Scrambled Eggs Puttanesca

I passed a CrossFit milestone last weekend. I bought my first piece of Lululemon clothes. Actually, Matt bought this fancy workout gear for me, which was exceptionally nice of him. As one of the girls at his gym put it when she overheard Matt mention he got me a pair of Lululemon shorts as an … Read more

Duck Confit with Carrots and Onions

Just a reminder: Today is the last day to enter to win a copy of Well Fed, the all-delicious, all paleo cookbook from Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make the This is a super easy-to-enter sweepstakes with a prize that rocks. If you haven’t entered, please click HERE to enter. And, if you have … Read more

Spicy Chicken Wings

The Whole Foods near my house sells pre-spiced, uncooked chicken. Matt has adopted this as his favorite non-bacon meat to purchase lately. At least once a week, I come home to scent of heavily seasoned drum sticks or chicken wings. I enjoy the taste and appreciate the convenience of the pre-spiced poultry (and I want … Read more

Chard with Goodness

Looks like are going to buy a house. We put an offer in. It was accepted. Now we just have to get past all the checkpoints (inspection, title review, etc., etc.) and then we will have new home. I will be ridiculously excited! And so will Matt. He has already fully designed and priced out … Read more

Mocha Paleo Ice Cream (Without Ice Cream Maker)

I have had a few folks ask for an update on Matt’s and my quest to sell our condo and find a new home in the city — so I thought I would give a short update.  If you want to skip this and go right to the recipe, I can hardly blame you. Paleo … Read more

Beef Kidney Biscuits

I had some fun in the kitchen this weekend. I was like a DJ. Not a radio DJ but like a big-time DJ in a club who takes songs that you love and mixes them together into a non-stop musical medley that keeps moving on the dance floor. Or perhaps a better analogy for what … Read more

Sweet and Savory Sardine Salad

The answer is so obvious in retrospect.  I don’t know how I missed it. But somehow I did. For the past few months, I have been struggling to answer the question, “How can make sardines so they taste really good?”  Because these little fishies are a paleo wonder food. Canned sardines are a quick source … Read more

Chicken with Dijon Sauce

One of my goals for 2013 is to start to meditate regularly. For many years, from many sources, I’ve heard how meditation can aid with health and happiness. So I want to find a way to work a few minutes of regular, quiet mindfulness into my life. My attempts to add meditation into my morning … Read more