Sweet ‘n Savory Spiced Rhubarb Chutney

Summer savory, the star ingredient in today’s Paleo Pen Pal guest post. Today’s recipe is from my Paleo Pen Pal from Maryland who e-mailed it to me from Portugal on her way to Italy. As you may remember from the last time I participated, the Paleo Pen Pal program matches up two paleo peeps to … Read more

Radish Rounds with Pistachios and Ghee

It used to be that I really disliked radishes.  If I encountered one in a salad, I would flinch.  Oh, radish – yuk! But each year I get bunches and bunches of radishes in my farm share. I wanted to like them. After all, they are pretty little veggies, all round and red.  So rather … Read more

Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Dried Apricots

I seem to be in denial about the fact that we are moving in two weeks.. We are scheduled to close on our new house a few days before Memorial Day and have to be moved out of our condo five days later – which is two weeks from now. And I am out of … Read more

Mango Salsa

It’s fun to hang out with people who have the same idea of fun as you do. When my sister Lauren told one of her co-workers that she was coming to Denver to see me this weekend, he asked what her plans were. “Do CrossFit, cook, visit a paleo coffee shop,” she replied. “Oh,” he … Read more

B & B Stew

For several months now, as I loaded up the slow cooker with meats and veggies several times a week,  I wondered what it would taste like to include beets in a stew. I hesitated because I worried the sweetness of the beets would be offset in a dish that is typically savory, like a stew. … Read more

Stuffed Burger Balls (3 Ways)

It is sometimes said that bacon is the greatest thing about paleo. Now bacon is good, but I would argue it is not the best thing about paleo. Scotch eggs are. Scotch eggs, which first came to my attention as one of countless genius recipes from Melissa of The Clothes Make the Girl, are hard … Read more

Chocolate Coconut Chia Cookies

I love weddings. I love to see the bride’s dress and the look on the groom’s face as the woman who will be his wife floats down the aisle. It’s fun to see how each couple personalizes the ceremony to make it reflect who they are and what is important to them as a couple. … Read more

Pureed Mango Citrus Soup

This recipe came together like lightning. My friend L.B. went to Minglewood Café in Boulder for lunch Friday. She reported she had the most amazing mango puree soup. “I’ll bet we could make that,” she said.  I agreed.  We made plans to give it a shot Sunday. After our regular Sunday afternoon workout (in the … Read more

Spicy Cucumbers

I love most everything about it. I adore the long days when the sun rises before I do and doesn’t set until after 8pm, even 9pm in the best part of the season. Everything is easier and breezier when it’s daylight outside. In summer, getting dressed is a joy. Mix bright colors and sunny patterns … Read more

Pesto Egg Muffins

A few friends asked me recently, “So are you all settled into your new house?” Given that we moved in six weeks ago, that is a reasonable question so I thought I would give an update today. (This has nothing to do with paleo or even food, so feel free to skip to the recipe … Read more

Paleo Mushroom Stroganoff

So Wednesday came and went and I never posted my regular Wide Open Wednesday post. I love writing those posts but it just didn’t get done this week. I wish I had a compelling explanation that involved late-night secret phone calls, wild elephants and Matthew McConaughey and culminated in great riches and a spot in … Read more

Jalapeno Cilantro Balsamic Dressing

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I would say that it also takes a village to keep this blog going. During the past year, I have pulled inspiration for new ideas from restaurants and friends. My sister, Lauren, has contributed several delicious baked good recipes, including Blueberry Banana Bread  and Morning … Read more