Salmon Blueberry Wraps

Some days, I have time to lovingly craft a meal.  Hours to marinate the roast or de-pit a bushel of cherries.

Other days, the dog needs to get out, the bills are due and I’ve gotta get to the gym or I may totally forget how to deadlift.

Luckily, if I have a stocked kitchen, I can usually put together a delicious Paleo meal in under three minutes.  That’s always a way better choice than going hungry or snacking on 42,000 macadamia nuts.

This recipe is one of my go-to lunches.  OK, minus the chives.  I don’t usually have fresh chives around the house.  But I happened to this time and they added a nice subtle flavor.  You can leave them out and still have a tasty meal to fuel your full life.

If you have other quick go-to meals, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Salmon Blueberry Lettuce Wraps

Paleo mayonnaise*

Can of boneless, skinless salmon, 6oz (use wild caught, if available)

Blueberries, 1/3 cup

Slivered almonds, 1 tablespoon

Chives, 1/2 tablespoons chopped

Romaine or baby lettuce, 3-4 leaves

  1. Drain the salmon and put in medium bowl.
  2. Add in mayonnaise, blueberries, almonds and chives.  Mix.
  3. Scoop the mixture into lettuce leaves.
  4. Enjoy the anti-oxidant extravaganza!

* About the mayonnaise — There are many recipes for Paleo mayonnaise.  The one that I use is from the blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, which is one of the best blogs in the Paleosphere.  Try it.  Really!  It’s not one fraction as hard as it seems like it would be