14 Ways to Enjoy Summer Squash

When I first started this post, I called it “14 Ways to Use Up Summer Squash”.  After review, I decided it didn’t sound very appealing to “use up” food.  It sounds like a chore, rather than an opportunity to indulge in the abundance of summer.  So I edited.  Now I present, “14 Ways to Enjoy Summer Squash.”

The summer squash just keep rolling in.  This week in our farm share, we got four yellow squash and half a dozen light green roly-poly squash called Ronde de Nice squash.   That’s a lot of squash.   I sprung into action, thinking of ways to prepare them.

Each of these preparations are actually very tasty.  That’s the beauty of summer squash. It is so mild that it takes on other flavors easily.

If you have other ideas, add them to comments!  We’ll have a great resource for the over-squashed everywhere.

 14 Ways to Enjoy Summer Squash

  1. Lightly roast and toss with fresh pesto.  Pesto makes everything taste like summer.
  2. Sauté with garlic and a scrambled egg.  Top with salt and any herbs you have.
  3. Make Summer Squash Hash.
  4. Whip up a batch of Summer Squash Soup from Everyday Paleo.
  5. Dice up and add to salsa.  You can’t really taste it and you get an extra dose of veggies.
  6. Chop and toss with red onion.  Coat with olive oil and roast until crunchy.  The little burnt bits are the best.
  7. Fry in coconut oil and top with OMG Green Sauce from PaleoAmoreTotally indulgent.
  8. Make Zucchini Hummus  from Freedom Sweet Freedom.   Light and lovely.
  9. Grill.  Mix with balsamic vinegar, goat cheese and a generous amount of mint.  We had this at a farm dinner I attended last year.  Amazing!  I couldn’t get enough.
  10. Make Zucchini Chips from Mark’s Daily AppleThis takes a little while but is fun.
  11. Bake and scoop out inside.  Mix with tomato sauce, oregano and cashews.  Re-stuff squash.  If you want to make a meal, cook up some ground beef and add to the mixture as well.
  12. Make Zucchini with Cumin Almonds from The Clothes Make the GirlNever a bad recipe from this site!  She’s amazing.
  13. Chop.  Toss with chopped tomatoes.  Top with salt, pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar. I’ve been having this for lunch a lot this summer.

Fry strips of zucchini.  Cook bacon. Roll together and secure with skewer.   Always, with the bacon