Winter Breakfast Bowl

I try not to post too many recipes on this site that are really paleo-specific. You know, food combinations that us paleo folks love to eat (dates and unsweetened cocoa powder anyone?) and that really are delicious – but might seem odd to those outside the paleo tribe.  Let’s face it – if I saw someone eating a bowl of almond butter, shredded coconut and honey, I’d bet a freezer full of grass-fed beef that the person tries to follow paleo principles.  Non-paleo folks would just have a cookie.

“Paleo-ized” recipes, which create paleo-friendly versions of non-paleo foods using ingredients or combinations of ingredients that are not typically used together in the standard American diet – serve a valuable purpose.  They offer folks with food allergies – gluten, eggs, nuts – the chance to enjoy a treat without compromising their health.  They make it easier to transition from a standard American diet to paleo eating by offering healthier, whole food alternatives to traditional grain and sugar-filled dishes.

My main reason for avoiding these types of paleo-specific recipes is the vague hope that one day someone will click through to my blog to find out a little bit more about this “caveman diet” or “paleo thing” they have heard about.  I want to be able to offer post after post of delicious, nutritious meals of whole foods in combinations they recognize.  It’s a lot easier to convince a co-worker that the paleo diet isn’t some strange fad diet when she sees recipes that are familiar – instead of a recipe for cocoa nibs, dates and macadamia nut balls,  however delicious they may be.  (Oh, and make no mistake, they are delicious.)

But now that I have said all that – here’s a dish that has rocked my world that may seem bizarre to non-paleo folks.  I decided it was too good not to share.

It’s like a paleo “oatmeal” or a sweet-but-no-sugar-added dessert for those on a 21-Day Sugar Detox.   It’s a real treat and I have been eating it at least once a day for the past week.

Try it.  Add your favorite toppings.   Just don’t leave out the cinnamon and vanilla because that’s what makes it so tasty.

Winter Breakfast Bowl

For each serving –

Acorn squash puree,* 3/4 cup

Coconut milk, 3 tablespoons

Cinnamon, ½ tablespoon

Unsweetened vanilla powder, ½ tablespoon  (If you don’t have vanilla powder, you can sub a pure vanilla extract.  Just be sure to heat up the dish really well to let the alcohol in the extract evaporate. )

Toppings:  Raisins, walnuts, chopped apples, shredded coconut or chose other favorites!

  1. Mix acorn squash puree, coconut milk, cinnamon and vanilla.
  2. Heat in microwave or on stove top.
  3. Garnish with favorite toppings.  Enjoy!

*  You can make the puree anyway that you like.  Here’s my method:  Cut acorn squash in half. Place down in a baking pan with ½ inch of water.  Bake at 350 degrees for ½ hour.  When it cools, scoop out squash.  Puree in food processor or with hand blender.